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Rose Almanar


Bring a touch of Orient to your Event! We wake up your sences! Delight your guests with breathtaking performances and delicious oriental meals in an authentic atmosphere.

Süße Kostbarkeiten

pointFirst of all a cup of tea...
Strangers become friends in the relaxed atmosphere of an oriental tea ceremony. The ideal conditions for your meeting.

pointFrom the rushhour to “Mezze”...
Try A typical oriental starter called “Mezze” ingrediants or example Filled Wineleaves, Aubergines, Olives, dried tomatoes, paprika and everything you like.

pointThe client is king...
Hospitality is tradition in the orient. From “Couscous” or “kushari”, just to mention two delicious vegetarian meals, till the famous “Meschoui”, the grilled meat – our team will be honoured to serve you deliciousies from the oriental kitchen.

pointDates – The bread of the desert...Süße Kostbarkeiten
Sweet treasures delights the palate of your guests. For example: Dates filled with almonds. We compose you the best sweets.

pointOrignial Arabic Orchestra
For the entertainment during the dinner we can offer you a lute player accompanied by percussion or the “Orchestra Nagham”.
Gallery: www.hip-iso.deOrchestra Nagham

pointOriental Dance show
An oriental Danceshow is full of sensuality, charm and temperament. Escape from your daily routine Indulge yourself and experance the world of 1001 nights...

pointFolklore show
Arabic Folklore with its multicoloured costumes and historic dances is spectacular and entertaining.

pointDancefloor Oriental
Hip Iso®-Hip Isolation Oriental Style. sonja asmahan developed a trendy dance style mix of oriental dance, hip hop moves danced on music like R n´ B, Hip Hop and Oriental Pop.
We offer you:
- Dance show
Süße Kostbarkeiten - Talent competitions
- After Work Dancinglesson
- DJ

pointMystic worlds
Safira will tell your guests fortunes by the cards.

liven up your event with a real camel. Let´s go for a ride. What a Sensation!

Let us transform your office or Hall into a Bedouin tent or an Oasis of silence.

You need a host or Cabaret artist who leads you through this amazing experience.

Relax and listen to the mystical voice of Anna. As she takes you back 1000 years with stories, poetry and prose.