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Rose Almanar


Middle Eastern Dance generally known as Belly or Oriental Dance originated in the streets of the Middle East, primarily in Egypt in essence it is an improvised, natural and wild feminine dance. After colonization it was reduced by its conquerors to entertain men in nightclubs. Meanwhile “Raks Scharki” is enjoying today the whole world. The west is studying, preserving and further developing this wonderful dance art. Sonia Asmahan is one of those artists. She presents this wonderful art in its origin and developed a new style mix: HIP ISO® a combination with the male power of the Street Dance of today.

What ever you like to learn, the oldest and most feminine dance of the world, the dance of mother earth or HIP ISO® you can discover how enjoyable it is to dance. The body is able to express itself more than we think. We offer a wide spectrum of lessons from learning correct dance technique to a polished choreography for groups to single coaching.

Sonja Asmahans expertise in Middle Eastern Dance and the Arabic folklore is influenced by her long cooperation with Hoda Ibrahim (one of the best folklore dancers from Egypt), and Khira obeid´Allah from Tunisia, (the ex ballet master of the Tunisian national Ballet for traditional dance). Sonia Asmahan is well known for her exact technique and dynamic lessons. Because she performed for long time in Egypt and Tunisia her dance style is authentic and emotional.

pointClassical Oriental Dance Egyptian Style

pointHIP ISO® Hip Isolation Style
Mix of Oriental Dance + Street Dance (New Style) Hip kicks, shakes and body waves, danced on
R + B, Hip Hop and Oriental Pop.

pointEgyptian Stick Dance “Raks bil Assaya”

pointTunisian Berber Dance “Raks Tunsi”
Powerful hip moves, good for tribal dancers, pure dynamic + Power

pointGolf Dance “Al Khaleegy”

pointDance with the Candelabrium “Shamadan”

pointAlexandria Dance “Raks Iskanderani”

pointBedouin Dance “Hagalla”

pointDance technique wit Live percussions “Al Tamarin”

pointDrum soli

pointCymbal technique Cymbals? No problem.
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