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Rose Almanar


Sonja Asmahan

pointSolodancer of several folklore and musicgroups at Giftun + Jasmin Village and Arabia Hotel, Hurghada
pointManager of the folklore group “FIRKAT EL MINIA”
pointPerformances in 5 hotels such as NIL HILTON, Cairo, SHERATON Hotel, Hurghada, Golden 5 Hurghada, SONESTA Al Gouna
pointPerformance with the famous Percussionist CHAMIZ HENKISCH
pointParticipated in “The oldest dance” documentary in Cairo, GERMAN TV ARD
pointMain character in the EGYPTIAN TV series “SONBOL BAED EL MILLION” with MOHAMMED SOBHI and GAMIL RATIB
pointFoundation of the dance school ALMANAR EGYPT with folklore and music group in co-operation with the dancers and choreographers HODA IBRAHIM and TAMER YEHYA

pointOrganisation of parties and dance workshops for women

point“Soirée de Gala IKAA” main theatre, Tunis
pointSummer festivals 93/94 with the dancer and choreographer KHIRA OBEID´ALLAH and the Orchestra “TAHT EL ARABIE”
point“NOUJOUM” featured by FADHEL JAZIRI and SAMIR AL AGREBI Amphitheatre of Carthage
pointTV performance “La Coupole” Tunis
point5 hotels with Live-Music: L'AFRICA MERIDIEN, ABU NAWAS, Tunis, L'ORIENT PALACE, Tunis
pointPerformance with Khira Obeid´Allah and Carthage “TROUPE MUSICALE AL ANDALOUS”
pointTeacher for Oriental Dance at the “WORKSHOP FOR THE NORTHAFRICAN FEMALE LEADERSHIP” Sponsered by F. Naumann Stiftung, A.F.J.E.M. and Ford
pointGranted the Artist´s card (Artist of Oriental Dance) by the Tunisian Ministery of Culture

pointOrienta Gala, Frankfurt 2006
pointGALA “Festival Orientale” Tanzhaus NRW, Düsseldorf 2006
pointCharacter in “Lucky Spin” Dance film, Düsseldorf Prod. Colin Sinclair 2006
point“MAGIC OF THE DESERT” German-Egyptian Association, Ulm
pointBenefiz “Africa Days” Munich 2005
pointDance theatre “Magic of the Desert” Rosenau Stuttgart, Sponsored by the City of Stuttgart 25th anniversary Cairo and Stuttgart 2004
pointDance theatre “SAHERET ESSAHRA” House of Culture Arena, Stuttgart, Sponsored by the City of Stuttgart,25 th anniversary between the twin cities Cairo and Stuttgart, Director: Al Ramah, Geneve 2004
pointProduction and Director of the Dance theatre “MAGIC OF THE DESERT”, Makal City Theatre
pointProduction, Director and Choreographer of the Show YALLA NUR´QS in Stuttgart and Weiden with Hoda Ibrahim, El Ramah, Dance group ALMANAR, Dance group Merhaba, Cabaret “Die Schrägschrauben” 2003 YALLA NUR´QS, Weiden with dance company
pointShowact Event RALLYE PARIS DAKAR, Lyreco Comp. Hannover and Stuttgart Arabic Event HOTEL INTERCONTINENTAL, Stuttgart
point20 th jubilee MAKAL CITY THEATRE, Stuttgart
pointBenefiz HALIMA, Fürth
pointTurkish Embassy, Touristic fair, Cottbus
pointNew Years Gala Tango Association, Karlsruhe Benefiz ORIENT MAGAZIN, Augsburg with dance company
pointShow 20 years SAMARA, Liederhalle Stuttgart VIP LAUNGE CAMEL RACE Munich sponsored by Sheikh HAMDAN AL MAKTOUM with dance company
pointJubilee INFOTEL, Marmorsaal Stuttgart
pointBenefiz AGENDA Forum der Kulturen, Stuttgart
pointGERMAN TV “Coffee or Tea” SWR, Baden-Baden
pointArabic Night, MEDIA GmbH Stuttgart with live-music President: Maximiliane v. Fürstenberg sponsored by Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum Dubai Deputy Ruler and UAE Minister of Finance and Industry
pointVIP LOUNGE RACE TRACK Frankfurt with Live Music and Dance Company, DRAV e. V. German Racing Association for Arabian Thoroughbreds MARITIM Hotel, Stuttgart Come Together Party, DRAV e.v. German Racing Association for Arabian Thoroughbreds
pointArabic Event, Möbel Bierstorfer, Heilbronn
pointPUR, Reithalle Ludwigsburg, Intercord, Stuttgart
pointWorkshops and Shows in Berlin and Leipzig
pointShow + Event, WGS + Partner, Stuttgart
pointArabic Event, Möbel Wiemer, Soest
pointPerformance with Live-Music “FIRKAT PALMIRA” featured by SVENJA HABIBA, Nürtingen
pointTunisian Association, Feuerwehrsaal, Stuttgart
pointShow + Entertainment, Bürgerhaus Backnang
pointTanz in den Horizont, Fürth
pointPersian New Year, Stadthalle Böblingen
pointTunisian Embassy, Touristic fair CMT, Stuttgart
pointGerman-Egyptian Association, Roxy, Ulm
pointShow, SAKKARA, Karlsruhe
pointEgyptian Ministry of Tourism, Touristic fair CMT, Stuttgart
pointPersian New Year, Ludwigsburger Music hall
pointWorkshop and Show, Kursaal, Stuttgart Samara el Said
pointRosenau, Bayreuth with dance company, Firkat al Madani und Ibrahim Abu hassan
pointKolpingsaal Bayreuth with dance company, Samara el Said, Stuttgart