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Rose Almanar


Sonja Asmahan

“The people love her”
producer Ahmed Badr Eddin

“She is a master dancer”
Bayreuther Stadtanzeiger

“She is incredible! She´s got oriental rhythm and german staying power. A more ideal combination doesn´t exist”
Nagi Hefuna, German Egyptian Association, Ulm

“Her performance was the Highlight of the evening!”
Weidener Zeitung

“A woman with impressing charm. On stage she shows, that she´s got the dance in her blood”
Stuttgarter Zeitung

“She is an expert. She´s got “the step” how to bewitch men´s heart and she gives her best to teach the girls”
Fellbacher Zeitung

“She was in the land of the dance dream”
Fachzeitschrift Tanz Oriental

“Because of her love to the dance, her elegance, her esthetical connection of high musicality with Choreography and thanks to her strong charisma, she belongs to the talented and hard-working dancers, who is building with work a successful bridge between orient and occident”
Samara el Said – Stuttgart

“This rare artist has achieved an important contribution to the creation and presentation of the spectacle “NUGUM”. It is difficult, to find an Oriental dancer with her grace and Talent”
Fadhel Jaziri

“Fast she got the sympathy of the audience, which raised to enthusiasm. Beautiful dance technique fantastic power and friendly charisma made her performance to a deeply moving experience for friends of the real belly dance”
Tanz Oriental 2006

“In the last 20 years since I am playing percussions, she was the best German dancer I saw, teaching her class with live percussion”
Bruno Assenmacher Percussionist

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